Tanja Gisela Hewer is a German singer who goes by the stage name Michelle. With the song Wer Liebe lebt (“To Live for Love”), she represented Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2001, finishing eighth out of 23 countries with 66 points. She has received numerous honors since her debut in 1992, including two Echo awards, two Goldene Stimmgabeln, and two Amadeus Austria awards. In Europe, she sold over 6,2 million copies.

Michelle was born in Villingen-Schwenningen and raised in Blumberg with her sister and brother in a tough social environment, her parents being violent drinkers. She became a foster child when she was ten years old. Since the age of 14, she has been singing in local amateur bands.

Tanja Thomas children

Michelle lives in Cologne with her three daughters.

Tanja Thomas Children are Marie Reim, Celine Oberloher, and Mia-Carolin Shitawey.

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