The corporation has negotiated a compromise with the plaintiffs, so Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg won’t have to give hours-long depositions in response to a lawsuit regarding Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica data privacy crisis.

According to a court filing, which was previously reported by Reuters, the parties have struck a preliminary agreement and asked for a 60-day hold so they may complete a written agreement.

They may have been removed earlier than September 20th, but without the settlement and upkeep.

You can read the document for yourself below, but there are currently no details regarding the terms of the agreement.

Legal counsel for the plaintiffs has not yet responded to a query from The Verge, and Meta, as the company is now known, declined to comment through a spokeswoman.

Nevertheless, regardless of how much money Meta is investing in VR, I would imagine that keeping points from moving farther is worth a significant amount of money.

Now, instead of testifying under oath in front of opposing counsel about the specifics of what took place within his company during the 2016 election, Zuckerberg will only have to answer questions from Joe Rogan and discuss new VR headsets.

The lawsuit claimed that Facebook improperly shared user information with third parties and that the corporation failed to effectively protect that information from misuse by bad actors.

In 2018, Zuckerberg testified before Congress, but the questions he was asked didn’t really help to explain the problem or what exactly happened with Cambridge Analytica, a firm used by the Trump campaign to collect data from tens of thousands of Facebook profiles.


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