The Lancaster County Medical Examiner has ruled Matthew Mindler’s death as a suicide. He was found dead near his college campus on August 21.

Though the exact cause of death is still up for speculation, it is likely that the actor was looking for ways to end his life.

His mother, Monica, had previously revealed that her son had suffered from crippling anxiety.

She later discovered a connection between her son’s online search history and his sudden death.

Authorities said that the 19-year-old actor died of sodium nitrate toxicity.

He was taking the oxidizing agent for the last two weeks, but did not know it was poisonous until he died.

It is also believed that the nitrate killed his kidneys.

It is unclear why the nitrate toxicity killed Mindler.

While this was an obvious choice for the cause of death, it may still be too late to help him.

The exact cause of death for Matthew Mindler has not been released, but police say it was a suicide.

He was a high school student who attended Millersville University in Pennsylvania.

He was reported missing in late August, and the campus police were alerted to his disappearance. His body was found in a wooded area near the college campus.

A postmortem examination revealed that he had died of sodium nitrate toxicity.

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