Maura Mandt, 53, died of unknown causes on February 28, 2020.

She was an award-winning television producer known for her work on ESPY Awards, a show which revolves around young superheroes in communities.

While her cause of death has yet to be released, her family is grieving.

It is unclear why she died, but it is a mystery.

Listed below are some possible causes of death and what the family believes contributed to her passing.

Maura Mandt was a longtime producer for ESPN and worked on the ESPY Awards for nearly two decades.

Later, she was promoted to the executive producer position. Eventually, she was named the executive producer of the annual awards show.

During her time with ESPN, she also developed other sports shows, including the X Games and NFL Honors, and worked on projects for Disney.

She is survived by her husband, Michael, and five children.

Maura Mandt had a passionate love for life, and her career in sports was nothing short of remarkable.

ESPYs was one of her productions, and she was one of the creators of the X Games.

Her passion for the sport was so strong that she made it her mission to make the show a success.

She was also the executive producer of the ESPY Awards.

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