Following a special election on Tuesday, a Republican will represent a congressional district in south Texas for the first time. Mayra Flores’ victory over her Democrat opponent, 51 percent to 43 percent, comes as Republicans continue to gain ground among Latino voters in south Texas.

Flores, who is believed to be the first Latina Republican elected to Congress from Texas, is expected to face a tougher struggle in November. Her triumph was to replace Democrat Filemon Vela, who resigned before the conclusion of his tenure, therefore she was elected to finish it.

Voters will decide who will serve as the district’s permanent congressional representative beginning in 2022 during the general election in November. Flores will face off against Democratic nominee Vicente Gonzalez in the general election for this seat.

Gonzalez is now a member of Congress for a neighboring congressional district. In the election, he is predicted to defeat Flores.

Flores’ triumph comes as Republicans speed their efforts to recruit Latino voters, and a string of polls and elections show a broader movement away from the Democrats among Latino voters.

Who is Mayra Flores?

Mayra Nohemi Flores is a Texas-based Mexican American politician and health care provider. She is the Representative-elect for Texas’s 34th congressional district, having won a special election on June 14, 2022, to replace former Congressman Filemon Vela Jr., who resigned in March 2022 and did not complete his elected term. She will be the country’s first Mexican-born representative.

Mayra Flores parents

Flores was born to migrant farmworkers in Burgos, Tamaulipas. When she was six years old, she relocated to the United States. During her childhood, her family moved about a lot in Texas; she graduated from high school in San Benito and worked in cotton fields with her parents in Memphis. The name and identity of her parents are not available to the media currently.

Who is Mayra Flores’ husband?

Mayra Flores is a devout Christian who is married to a Border Patrol agent from the United States. They have a son and a daughter together. John Vallejo is the name of Mayra Flores husband.

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