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Meet Dejan Stankovic,The only footballer to play for three different countries at the World Cup.

Football is such a way that a professional player can play for as many clubs in his playing career but when it comes to the National Level, it’s a whole different story.

Footballers only represents one particular country National Team and the highest one person can do under the new FIFA rule is switch Nationality and play for a different country if such player has not made a competitive senior appearance for one country already.

So basically a player can play for two countries at most if he featured in only friendly games for the former side. This also means a player can only represent one country at a higher competition level such as the world cup throughout his playing career.

Then there comes Dejan Stankovic who went on to represent three different sides at three different world cup tournaments between 1998 and 2010.

I know you are still wondering how that is possible so let’s go straight into how it actually happened.

At the 1998 world cup tournament held in France, Dejan Stankovic represented Yugoslavia, a country that quickly became history by 2003 and Serbia & Montenegro came into existence.

The next world cup tournament then arrived 2006!held in Germany and now we have a new country called Serbia and Montenegro captained by Stankovic.

By 2010, Serbia and Montenegro had become two independent nations and Stankovic went on to play for Serbia and represented them at the world cup in held in South Africa.

So in all, Stankovic played for Yugoslavia in 1998 World cup, played his second for Serbia and Montenegro in Germany 2007 before going on to represent Serbia in 2010 making it three world cup tournaments for three different nations.

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