Ella Rose Emhoff is the only daughter of Douglas Emhoff and a stepdaughter of U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris. Ella Emhoff was born on 29th May 1999 . She is an American model, artist, and fashion designer. Ella has a sibling brother called Cole Emhoff both of them having been given birth to by Douglas Emhoff and his previous wife Kerstin Emhoff.

Ella Emhoff’s parents got separated in 2008 and later her father tied the knot with Kamala Harris in August 2014. Ella and her brother Cole’s love for their stepmother brought about the term “Momala”. Ella was raised in a home of politics were her family are supporters of same-sex marriage in California.

She became a member of the second family of the United States in 2021 as her stepmother was sworn into the office of the vice president. Ella graduated from Wildwood School and she was a member of the swimming and the basketball team. Ella Emhoff majored in fine arts and much focus on apparel and textiles in the Parsons School of Design.She completed in 2021.

Even though Ella Emhoff is part of a Jewish parternal family, “she is not Jewish” said her spokesperson.

Meet Ella Emhoff, Kamala Harris Stepdaughter
Ella Emhoff|credit: insider

How old is Ella Emhoff?

Ella Emhoff was born on 29th May 1999. She was born to Douglas Emhoff and Kerstin Emhoff. She is now 22 years of age. We wait to celebrate her on May 22 this year.

Ella Emhoff’s Career

Ella Emhoff started her career in 2014 as she was among the list of people who played part in Bo Burnham’s song “Repeat Stuff”.She is good at designing jackets, hats, coats, and knitted shorts which she sells online; Instagram account and her website. Emhoff also engages in selling ceramics, paintings, and drawings too.

Ella Emhoff signed a contract with an international modeling agency in New York City, IMG Models in January last year. She was also in the news for her body tattoos and refusal to shave her armpit hair.

Ella got featured in “Buffalo Zine” an editorial for an independent fashion magazine. She is also among the members of 3% Movement.

Is Ella Emhoff married?

There is no information about who Ella Emhoff is married to but she is said to be in a relationship with Sam Hine who is a senior associate editor for GQ magazine. The two were seen holding hands in New York City where there were photographed. Ella must be marrying soon.

Ella Emhoff’s net worth

Ella Emhoff is said to be handling her own business as of this time . Being the stepdaughter to Kamala Harris(Vice President of United States), Ella is having an estimated amount of $100k as her net worth.

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