Alexander Emerick Jones, an American conservative, alt-right, far-right, and radio show host as well as a well-known[ a] conspiracy theorist, was born on February 11, 1974. From Austin, Texas, he hosts The Alex Jones Show, which is syndicated[28] by the Genesis Communications Network across the country and online.

Conspiracy theories and fake news are promoted on Jones’ website InfoWars, as well as his other websites, NewsWars and PrisonPlanet.

By giving Unite the Right participant and white supremacist Nick Fuentes a platform on his website Banned.Video, Jones has given white supremacists a voice and support, acting as an “entry point” to their philosophy.

Meet Erika Wulff Jones, Alex Jones wife

Erika Wulff Jones is a celebrity wife of the Famous Alex Jones

Jones married Erika Wulff Jones in 2017 and has another child with her.

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