Roberta Runa Enrica Alenius, a Swedish politician, was the press secretary and chief communications officer in the prime minister’s office from 2006 until 2014, under the administration of former prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Sweden’s Stockholm is where Alenius was born. Her dad is from Italy. Alenius formerly served as a tax advisor at Ernst & Young and as an administrator for the Moderate Party in the European Parliament before joining the Prime Minister’s Office.

Alenius and Fredrik Reinfeldt declared their relationship on February 23, 2015.

Alenius announced on January 14, 2017, that they were expecting their first child together with Reinfeldt’s fourth child.

Meet Fredrik Reinfeldt, Roberta Alenius Partner

Fredrick Reinfeldt is the partner of the famous Swedish Politician Roberta Alenius

On 23 February 2015, Alenius and Fredrik Reinfeldt confirmed they were in a relationship.On 14 January 2017, Alenius confirmed they were expecting Reinfeldt’s fourth and her first child

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