An American YouTuber, engineer, and inventor by the name of Mark B. Rober He is well-known for his YouTube videos on DIY electronics and popular science. Before joining YouTube, Rober worked as an engineer for NASA for nine years, spending seven of those years at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the Curiosity rover.

Later, he spent four years designing products for Apple Inc.’s Special Projects Group, where he wrote patents for virtual reality in self-driving automobiles.

Meet Lisa Rober, Mark Rober

Lisa Rober is a celebrity wife of Mark Rober

Lisa Rober is best known for being the wife of Mark Rober, an American YouTuber. Mark has previously worked for NASA and Apple Inc. in addition to being a YouTuber. Lisa has been in the public eye for many years as a result of her husband’s celebrity.

Despite their celebrity, the Rober pair has kept a private existence. As a result, we’ll discuss Mark Rober’s wife, Lisa Rober, and her location here.

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