Meet Lt Cdr Ghana’s first female officer to be deployed on Ecomog warship

The rapid development of the globalization era demands that the role of a female soldier within the organization of the Armed Forces succeeds in touching the historical, cultural, social and political aspects prevailing within the fighting for gender equality for woman. In military organizations, women must always be able to balance their role as soldiers, wives and mothers for children.

On the other hand as women should be able to carry out its duties and responsibilities as a fortress in maintaining the sovereignty of the armed forces. Assignment as a woman must be able to compete with other men of the armed force. Equality of degrees causes the women to be given the widest opportunity to occupy important positions in the military, including: Commander of the vessel, pilot, diver and other abilities owned by women.

In some cases women may be involved in special assignments, such as: UN forces, social activities in mass health and non-structural assignment. The rapidly expanding globalization era, the role of a female soldier within the Ghana armed forces organization has touched the historical, cultural, social and political aspects prevailing within the state.

The presence of women in military institutions in Ghana demonstrates a form of social appreciation and public recognition of the role of women, especially the women corps in every strata and type of work in Ghana. Ghanaian women succeeded in achieving gender equality for the efforts and efforts of the current generation of women or their predecessors who founded women’s organizations in the pluralistic society of Ghana.

Recognition of gender equality of Ghanaian women is achieved through the struggle and must always be demonstrated in the active role of every woman from the smallest family environment to the national and international spheres in the form of sociopolitical roles.

The leadership of women the armed forces in particular is militarized, much in talk and become a common issue. This has led to a pro and contra debate against women leaders within a country, although the recognition of basic human rights has increased significantly. This recognition also applies to the rights of women equal to men.

The thinking in the past that women do not need to be high school, because in the end will be chalk as well, often used as a tool to justify the act of injustice against women. But in accordance with the development of the era then the woman has a very important role in the military environment, according to the jargon that had been used in anniversary: “We are not roses decorate plants, but jasmine fence of the country.”

In the military world, women have had a decent place in career development and placement in an important position parallel to men. For that reason, some women who have career in military can be placed in accordance with their profession and expertise they have: commander of ship, pilot, parachutist, diver and other abilities owned by woman.


Lt Cdr Faustina Boakyewaa Anokye Boakye

First female naval officer, Lt. Commander Faustina Maame Boakyewaa Anokye Boakye. The navy high command was in a dilema as to whether to allow her to train on the sea since no woman had ever done that. The females were administrators, caterers etc. She however asked them to put her to test. 

The command realizing how smart she was after the first sea training, she was deployed the following year on a warship for a major operation on the West African sub-region towards the main Liberian harbour. She was the only woman on board. 

Meet Lt Cdr Ghana's first female officer to be deployed on Ecomog warship

She’s since been a part of several UN operations across the world and has held various positions in the Ghana Navy.

Lt Cdr Faustina Boakyewaa Anokye Boakye, the first female Ghanaian Naval Officer was born in 1976 and was a product of the T.I Ahmadiya Secondary School, University of Ghana, Legon, Plymouth University in the UK, Goa University in India, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration as well as the Nigerian Armed Forces Command and Staff College and the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College.

She was commissioned into the Ghana Navy in 1996. After commissioning, her initial sea training at the time was a dilemma for the Navy High Command, since they had never put a woman on board any of the Navy ships. Faustina accepted the challenge and proved that women could also do it.

Her initial sea training on board “GNS Achimota”, the Flagship of the Ghana Navy under the command of the then Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Mathew Quashie (then a Commander ), took her to Liberia as part of the ECOMOG Naval Task Force in 1997.

She was the first and only female to be deployed on a warship to an operational area in the West Africa sub-region. As a Quarterdeck Officer entering the Liberian harbour, her drills stunned the other West Africa Naval personnel of the Task Force present at the Freeport with disbelief and awe as they trooped to the Ghana flagship when it finally berthed, just to catch a glimpse of the first female Ghanaian Naval Officer.

After a successful sea training, Faustina proceeded to the Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, UK for the International Midshipman Course in 1997. Her sea training with the Royal Navy on board “HMS Brave” also took her to the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic, making her the first Ghanaian military officer to be on duty on the island. Again, her dedication to duty, enthusiasm and courage won her a lot of admiration from her Commanding Officers as well as colleagues alike.

Since commissioning, Lt Cdr Boakye has held various appointments including Staff Officer (Stores), Records Officer, Flag Lieutenant to the Chief of Naval Staff, Administrative Officer, Supply Officer (Naval Stores), Base Supply Officer and Command Supply Officer (Eastern and Western Naval Commands respectively).

She has served as the Deputy Commanding Officer of the Ghana Navy Supply Depot (GNSD), Acting Commanding Officer, GNSD and Deputy Director, Supply Division (Naval Headquarters). She is currently the Acting Director, Supply Division of the Ghana Navy.

In addition to Liberia, Lt Cdr Boakye has experienced Peacekeeping duties on the United Nations Observer Mission in Eritrea and Ethiopia and as a Staff Officer with the United Nations Mission in Liberia.

Lt Cdr Boakye’s attitude to work, her enthusiasm, willingness to take up challenges and her leadership qualities have earned her the powerful accolade “Yaa Asantewaa” and “First Lady” within Ghanaian military circles.

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