Some believers sometimes say everyone has a guardian angel, well maybe it might be the case in Sonya Mazur’s situation.

She became noticeable after her big sister tapped her fame and got into the limelight. Let’s discover more information about Sonya Mazur.

Sonya Mazur rode on the wings of her famous big sister and therefore she also became a sensation. Her sister Ramona Singer, is an American mainstream entertainer.

Sonya Mazur’s sister Ramona Singer came into the Lime Light through an unscripted television show titled, “The Real Housewives Of New York”.

The 1950s saw the birth of Sonya Mazur in Rhinebeck, New York. Sonya Mazur was born as an American has descended as a Caucasian white ethnicity.

Sonya Mazur was brought up alongside three other siblings of which her celebrity sister Ramona Singer also belongs.

What’s Sonya Mazur’s Age?

The 1950s saw the birth of Sonya Mazur. her real age may probably be 72 years now.

Sonya Mazur’s Family

Meet Sonya Mazur, Ramona Singer's Sister Biography; Age, Family, Marriage, Children and Net Worth
Sonya Mazur and Ramona Singer |Credit:

The celebrity sister’s family looks concise and also full of individuals who always prefer to be honest than to falsify information about themselves. They’ll rather keep the info undisclosed or say it as it is.

Sonya Mazur and her other three siblings including, Tanya Pettyjohn, Bohdan Mazur, and Ramona Singer are born to American parents Bohdan (father) and Veronika Mazur (mother).

Aside from having a descent of Caucasian ethnicity, Sonya has a strong Christian background including her other siblings.

Sonya Mazur’s mother, Veronika Mazur had kicked the bucket in 2006 and three years on her father, Bohdan had also given up the ghost.

Sonya Mazur has a niece, Avery Singer who is the child of celebrity and Tv personality Ramona Singer.

Other family members who are still the supporting structures of the family are her aunties and uncles including, Anna Miller, Sylvester, Vladimir, Josephine Costa, and Frances Katamey.

Sonya’s grandparents Anne Hajduk and Sylvester Mazur had also passed on.

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Who Is Ramona Singer?

Meet Sonya Mazur, Ramona Singer's Sister Biography; Age, Family, Marriage, Children and Net Worth
Ramona Singer |Credit :

Ramona Singer is a TV personality, a businesswoman, and an Author. Ramona Singer became a media sensation and television personality in 2008 after she had been featured in the TV show “The Real Housewives Of New York City”. A year after Ramona was again starred in The Tyra Bank Show.

The TV personality went ahead to headline some top TV shows in the U.S and some of which are; Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Fashion News Live, Fernando Count, and Andy Cohen.

To detail down her television films and series, Ramona in 2018 short Ultimate Entertainer Razor Rizzotti and Blair’s Lair The Delivery Guy.

Ramona Singer aside from her big name TV shows also endeavor in writing books.

Ramona keeps her entire set of careers in shape, and sometimes she Authors books that speak about the experiences she had in her journey of life. She is a role model to many.

Avery Singer is the only adorable child of the TV personality, Ramona. Avery Singer is 25 years of age.

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Sonya Mazur’s Marriage

The celebrity sister is still not married yet. Even though considering her age marriage might be doubtful, She is yet to select the one she truly loves and will like to spend her life with.

I guess her doors are open, you could try your luck if you think you need a wife like Sonya, who knows? you might be lucky.

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Does Sonya Mazur Have Children?

Since Sonya Mazur hasn’t made any public disclosure about her having a child, we’re still in doubt if she has one. It will be updated here if we have information on that.

What Is Sonya Mazur’s Net Worth?

The actual net worth of the celebrity sister is not known. Even though she has some books that she authored still selling in the market, we presume she will be making some earnings for herself.

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