Meet the American lady born with two heads but one body; wonders will never end

Several years After These Conjoined Twins Were Born, They Shared unique features. The twins Abby and Brittany Hensel made headlines for a good reason in 1990 with their birth.
Abbie and Brittany were born on 7th March, 1990.

According to their parents, the doctor told them that their children will never survive due to their situation. However, against all odds, God demonstrated his power and made them a living soul. Both of them are very excited about life, friendly and they share everything.

Defying all odds, birth such as theirs is bound to make the news. After all, very few newborns of their kind survive both pregnancy and childbirth. But 30 years later, the twins are still alive and kicking.

Abbie and Brittany share virtually everywhere else in their body, but their heads, spines, hearts and arms are distinct.  Many other twins, they look like one single individual but that’s not the case.

As a normal and diverse human being we have no complication in carrying out our day to day activities, so that’s the more reason why we should always give thanks to God for creating us the way we are.

Despite Doctors anticipation that the girls won’t live without separating the pair, doctors didn’t expect the girls to endure long. Nevertheless, conjoined twins Abby and Brittany defied all possibilities.

These beautiful blessings proved that while sharing a body is certainly extraordinary, it wasn’t something that would keep them from leading an incredible life!”

At Bethel University, they studied and are employed as teachers, but only the salary of one person is paid because they share the same body and head, both of them have been satisfied with their life, they are always confident and they believe in God.

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