An entire infrastructure, such as currency, laws and other official entities. They see themselves as a third world nation because they don’t have paved roads, hospitals, or airports… but the Republic of Molossia has pretty much everything else.

But what officially makes his private property, surrounded by Nevada and the United States, an official republic?

The Government House, aka the Baugh’s private residence, is the main building, but only passes through the main entrance when you visit the property. Visitors must make an appointment to enter the country and go through customs like anywhere else. Bring a passport and participate.

Can you become a citizen of Molossia? Currently not. Full residency is a condition of citizenship, and the sovereign nation is currently not accepting any new residents. BUT, you can definitely visit. To plan your trip to the Harmony Province of the Republic of Molossia, surrounded by the state of Nevada, email the President directly at.

Meet the President of the country where only 32 people exists: can you live here?

Molossia does not pay taxes and has its own currency printed in ok poker chips. There is also an official language, a national anthem, a bank, a railway, a post office and a war office. Hey, there’s even an official Republic of Molossia instrument, which sounds a lot like a variation of a kazoo.

Same gender marriage has been legal in this independent nation since 2002, and they recognize a large number of public holidays throughout the year, such as the Moonpie Festival on September 15 and the Kickassia Invasion Victory Day on April 11.

Meet the President of the country where only 32 people exists: can you live here?

Harmony Province, Dayton, is where His Excellency President Kevin Baugh and the First Lady reside full time.

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