The official cause of death for Michael Clarke Duncan was a heart attack.

Michael Clarke Duncan

Full NameMichael Clarke Duncan
Cause Of DeathHeart Attack
Michael Clarke Duncan

He was hospitalized at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for about a week before he died on September 3 of complications related to the heart attack.

He was 54 years old. The cause of death was not released. A family statement said that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the actor’s death.

There is no evidence to suggest that the actor had a history of heart problems.

The actor Michael Clarke Duncan cause of death remains unclear. A coroner’s report from November 2015 indicated that the actor had a heart attack.

This was the official cause of death as his physician certified it.

However, a heart attack is a natural death, and the coroner’s office has not contradicted the coroner’s report.

Aside from his Oscar nomination in the 1999 movie “The Green Mile,” Duncan’s bodyguard work included such films as Tallaght Bobby and Daredevil.

In addition to his role as the King in Saints Row IV, Michael Clarke Duncan was a house cleaner.

His booming bass voice and enormous physical presence made him a perfect choice for the role. His fiancee, Rev. Omarosa Manigault, confirmed his Oscar nomination for the film.

He died due to complications resulting from a heart attack. The coroner’s office did not investigate his death.

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