Michael Jackson’s Cause of Death

This post will give you details of Michael Jackson’s Cause of Death.

Michael Jackson was Born on 29th August 1958 In Gary a suburb of Indiana, United States of America and Died on June 25th 2009 at age 50.

Jackson was an American singer, songwriter, and dancer who was the most popular entertainer in the world in the early and mid-1980s to 2000s.

To begin with Michael Jackson’s Cause of Death, On Thursday 25th June 2009, Michael Jackson was pronounced dead in Los Angeles, California, at age 50.

Michael Jackson’s cause of Death is Cardiac Arrest.

His death was caused by a lethal combination of sedatives and propofol, an anesthetic.

Before he died, he was preparing for a mega concert in Europe but complained he could not sleep a day after the rehearsal.

Through the night and morning of his last rehearsal and preparation for his tour, Michael Jackson receives a series of drugs meant to help him sleep, officials would later say.

Michael Jackson was eventually rushed to a hospital by Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics, who found him in cardiac arrest and not breathing.

All Efforts to revive him are unsuccessful, he died at age 50.

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