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Misty Loman latest update and all facts about her

Misty Loman: The internet was welcomed with the story of Misty Loman after a Sheriff, Adam Bieber arrested her in July 2019 and shared a mugshot of the Kentucky woman for using meth and the picture promptly went viral like wildfire on the digital space, as the sheriff shared the image to discourage people from using meth the appearance of Misty Loman triggered massive discussions among users on social media as many claimed that she ruined her own life by being addicted to a drug like meth.

The reason for her unusual appearance wasn’t mentioned by Sheriff Adam as he didn’t note that the adduction of the woman made her look unusual however people immediately started reading their meanings into the mugshots but as some few sections of the users were interested in what could have led to her appearance aside the drug others proceeded to just blame her and it’s obvious that it was hard on Misty.

Who is Misty Loman?

Misty Loman

Misty Dawn Loman, a meth addict from Bowling Green, Kentucky, and married to one Gary Glass Jr but the fate of their marriage is currently sketchy as it’s unknown if they’re still together or not. She has two children known as Jacob and Corey but she’s unable to take proper care of them but they’re very supportive to her.

Loman was born in 1979 and is believed to be in her early 40s but has been struggling with drug addiction in her entire life and has been arrested on several occasions over drug abuse. However the reason for her adduction is unknown but there are speculations that an accident of her losing three of her children pushed her into the darkest side of her world as one of the children was stillborn and her twins, one died in her womb and the other also followed a month after it was born but reports suggest that none was drug-related

About Misty Loman’s mugshots

Misty Loman

The mugshots triggered many people to share it after it stormed the digital space as many were blaming her that her adduction to the drug had caused her appearance but despite being a drug addict for many years, she was also facing her world as she was dealing with lupus, bone cancer, and scleroderma.

As her unusual appearance was the center attraction for the reason why she went viral which many bullied her that it was due to drugs, well, Loman’s scleroderma was the main reason behind her appearance. The scleroderma made the skin harden and tighten but as there’s no cure to a medical problem, there are several treatments to help reduce that symptom and also improve one’s life but Misty Loman seemed to have gotten to the highest of her life.

With regards to her hair loss, it was the chemotherapy that contributed to it as she also had bone cancer but while the sheriff’s intentions were about being honorable to discourage people from drugs and didn’t mention anything about the illness and struggles of Misty Loman people decided to ridicule her because they thought the choices she made led to unusual appearance.

Facts about Misty Loman

Misty Loman

She was slapped with several legal charges and it includes fabricated meth, owning weed, and owning medication stuff but he told an entirely different story and also denied all the charges that were imposed on her but were placed behind Warren County Regional jail and after the arrest, she got bail after paying $1000.

After the mugshot surfaced on the internet, numerous people came to offer support as many created Facebook pages with her name to raise funds to help her in getting treatment.

Misty Loman’s present life/ is she alive?

Misty Loman

Misty Dawn Loman is very well alive as she released a statement saying she’s afraid that she didn’t have long to live because she was depressed, sick, and homeless

Initially, Misty Loman had the mindset that she had no intentions of getting the drug adduction in control saying she was going to get high until she died but someone has been able to change her mind. The family also begged her to seek help and the judge on her case succumbed to long-term treatment for her situation and the faith of others also served as a motivation to her. She dedicated her life to Christ and kickstarted the treatment.

As she still struggles with her sicknesses, she’s hopeful to have gained peace of mind and not living in fears anymore as she used to and after being clean for a year the relationship between her and the family got mended.


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