Moesha Budoung doesn’t scare us, we will keep going out with sugar daddies; popular slay queen declares

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Honestly I was never a fan of Moesha but the day she could not say a simple prayer on a radio or TV show or so, I was struck in my heart and prayed for mercy on her behalf.

Today, I am glad she has found a place in her heart to allow Christ to reign and be her Lord and personal savior, forgoing all worldliness and it gains (Vanity). For the scripture says “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?” -Mark 8:36

It doesn’t please God for men to die in their sins and every good Christian would not wish anyone dead in their sin, yet one who would not yield to the call for repentance may die in his/her sin, for the wages of sin is death.

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Social media influencer and slay queen by the name of Esther Essilfie has boldly declared that she’s not scared of the conditions battling actress Moesha Bodoung and as a result, will keep on dating old rich men because the young ones are broke.

The social media influencer and slay queen who was recently accused of harassment by a young bolt driver revealed she’s unshaken by the trials and tribulations Moesha Bodoung is facing for dating successful married men.

She explained that she is not fazed by Moesha Bodoung’s condition and will carry on in her quest for successful and rich men because most of her age mates of the opposite gender are broke..

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She wrote;

“Moesha Bodoung’s condition won’t scare us. We will keep going out with the sugar daddies because most of the young guys are broke.”

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