Moesha you have chosen the right path, don’t think you have lost anything; Sofo maame sends words of encouragement to Moesha

A female preacher has sent words of encouragement to Moesha Budoung, one of Ghana’s slay Queen and actress. She added quotes from the Bible to buttress her point and spoke about repentance.

So many brothers and sisters sin in public and when someone go advising them for good, they always quote the famous saying “only God can judge me! Who are you to judge?” Surely, God will judge all of our deeds done in secret and in public.

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The sins that you do in secret, only God knows about it and no one is about to advise you for those sins done in secret because God is the only knower of the unseen. But quoting “Only God can judge me” doesn’t give you a free pass to sin openly. No, not at all!

Do you know why? When you sin openly that has a huge impact on others! For example, If you  smoke openly, your little siblings/children will learn it, follow and do it too. Not only that you destroy yourself by sinning openly but you destroy others’ lives too.

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She posited “then I said Moesha, you have chosen the right path and believe you me. God is there to see you through. Don’t think you have lost anything.”

“There is no turning back. Just take a look to God, the source of your strength and the source of your supply. Look to God, the lifter up of your head. There are people, in the church who goes after other people’s husband without any Shame.”

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“That won’t take you anywhere, Listen that will bring you shame and dishonor.”

You can watch the video below

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