Monagucci Sends Words Of Caution To Twene Jonas Over Alleged Prophet Mohammed Attack

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Monagucci said people support Twene Jonas but religious issues are too sensitive to be talked about

She advised Jonas to do away with Mentioning Prophet Muhammed in his outburst on failed leadership.

Broadcaster Monagucci has sent a word of caution to Twene Jonas over his alleged bashing of Prophet Muhammed.

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Twene Jonas was declared wanted by some Muslims on social media over what they said was an attack from him on Prophet Muhammed.

In a video, Monagucci said the course of Twene Jonas is a good one but judging from how sensitive religious issues are, it will be good for his own safety if he leaves that out of his commentary.

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She advised Jonas to stick to the issue because Prophet Muhammed is not in charge of Ghana, neither did he ask leaders to mismanage the country.

Jonas for sometime now have been critical of leadership in Africa, especially Ghana with his style focusing on walkthrough live videos of the streets of New York and how Ghana is still behind after all Natural resources.

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