Moving from Fix The Country to Akua Saucy is one of the reasons Government won’t take the youths serious – Lady warns

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Ghanaian slay Queen known on social media as Akua Saucy is currently trending number one in Ghana after several reports indicates some nude videos of her has hit the internet again.

Not long ago did it emerge that Akua Saucy trades her naked pictures for as low as GHS 50 which led to it’s leakage online by her new customer. Unfortunately for her it looks like her videos will be coming in a form of lyrics.

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Before this latest trend, we all know the level of heat that the youths has been dropping on government to put things right in the country. The Youths successfully launched several Social media hashtags to make their messages clear to the President and his appointees.

The most intensify one is “Fix The Country” but sadly that is already in the mud as everyone has switched their attention to the alleged new leaked videos of a Slay Queen.

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A Twitter user @Ayigbetoffe has taken note of the immediate diversion of attention to Akua Saucy leaving and warns this kind of attitudes may force government not to treat their protests with any form of Seriousness.

“From #FixTheCountry to Akua Saucy nudes. You see why no government will ever take the youths seriousl? Smh” she noted

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