Mr. Logic explain in details why Diana Hamilton did not win the artist of the year at the VGMA21.

Mr. Logic gave a detailed explanation as to why gospel musician, Diana Hamilton did not win the artist of the year at the just ended VGMA21 on This week’s United Showbiz.

The controversy surrounding the VGMA artist of the year award continues as Mr. Logic gave a detailed explanation on why Diana Hamilton doesn’t deserve to be given the award at the expense of Kidi who was tipped by every music lover in Ghana.

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According to Mr. Logic on United Showbiz , the problem with Diana Hamilton winning the award is not with the votes but rather, the problem is with the academy and the board.

Emphasizing on his point, Mr. Logic said that there’s no way a gospel artist song will be popular than a circular artists song judging from the figures out there.

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Watch what Mr. Logic said on United Showbiz below;

Even though Kidi was disappointed after losing the award to Madam Diana Hamilton, he later congratulated her.

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