Debo Adedayo professionally known as Mr. Macaroni is a Nigerian comedian, actor, producer and social activist.

He was born on 3rd May, 1992 inside Lagos, Nigeria.

He was born into quite a big family with 10 siblings, Debo is the 9th born.

Debo Adedayo and Mr Macaroni’s educational growth is a fascinating one.

By his own narration, after completing high school in Lagos.

He first admission he got to study law in a private institution was cut short in his 200 level when the news broke out that the law department in the institution was not accredited.

Mr. Macaroni Biography

He left the school when after some series of meeting with the authorities.

He continued in yet another private University to study but things didn’t go as planned as he dropped out after an encounter with a lecturer.

For reasons best known to Mr Macaroni, he has not revealed his first two Universities.

His third University was the Redeemer University at Osun State.

In there he studied Creative Art but even with that, it came with its own issues.

Few days before his graduation from Redeemers University, Mr Macaroni got expelled from the school over a post he made on his Facebook Page

The University described his Facebook post as offensive, and portraying the university in bad light, an act that constitutes serious misconduct and punishable by expulsion.

The case was later settled out of court, and he got his certificate from the institution in 2018.

Mr. Macaroni Biography

Just as his education, Mr Macaroni’s career has been fascinating he tried his hands on some few roles before settling on his current “Sugar Daddy” role.

His career was not flying from the onset as an actor as he was not getting roles.

But after taking inspiration from other skit makers like Broda Shaggi who were using social media to produce their own skits, Mr Macaroni began his too.

He first played the character of an old school teacher, before the ‘sugar daddy’ character that he is currently playing.

He’s known for jargons like “Ooin, you are doing well, Put your account number here, Freaky Freaky” among others.

Aside his sugar daddy roles currently, Mr Macaroni has added a new twist to his role as a Difficult University lecturer which is also gaining prominence.

He is currently among the highly sought after Content producers currently in Nigeria with most of his videos going viral.

Personal Life/ Activism

Debo Adedayo aka Mr Macaroni has proven to be a strong voice when it comes to social and political issues too.

He has been an activist from his school days and that landed him in trouble a few times.

But as a celebrity, he has had a couple of issues too.

He was one of the vocal people when Nigerian youth rise against the government to end SARS.

As part of a protest, Mr Macaroni was arrested in February 2021 after he joined some youth to protest at Lekki Tollgate after some youth who were protesting for End SARS were shot dead by security officials.

Mr. Macaroni Biography

He has consistently used his social media handle to put pressure on the central government to attend to the needs to Nigerians.

Aside that, he has used his platform to seek for help for other people.

Mr Macaroni currently is not married and there are no traces of him having children for the time being either.


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