Mulan Vuitton’s salary and net worth: Mulan Vuitton is an Instagram celebrity with a net worth of $1.6 million.

Mulan Vuitton is a French fashion designer who was born on April 9th, 1998. Model and selfie-taker on Instagram, with over 3,000 followers and a lifestyle feed to match.

Instagram Star Mulan Vuitton

Mulan Vuitton has a wide range of interests and expertise, as well as a friendly and outgoing social media presence to match.

Her films are diverse and engaging, with her frequently experimenting with new angles or materials, as well as actively cooperating with a variety of social media celebrities.

 Mulan Vuitton
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She is an extremely resourceful person who is always willing to try new things and break new ground.

Mulan Vuitton is a model from the United States who is most known for her Instagram account. In 2017, she took over.

The 20-year-old says she is “spoiled” and “having a better life,” according to Vuitton and her Instagram caption.

The most famous image of Witton is her poking her tongue out at the camera.

Her Siberian Husky, who appears in her Instagram tales and videos, is adorable.

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