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Music producer sugatone current state, called on Shatta Wale to help him

Ghanaian music lovers do you remember sound engineer called #SugerTone ? This is his current state and he needs our help now before it too late.

Someone who produced songs for artiste in the likes of Bandana (Now Shatta wale ) Moko Hoo album , Kumi Guitar – 1 litre , Dasebre Gyamena settei,still in love etc, Reggie Zippy for sale, virgin .. Kofi B, he also produced Daddy Lumba, Ofori Amponsah among others..Hmmm this life no balance ampah

Success in life is not about luck! It is about focused thoughts and attention and deliberate action towards your goals. Many successful people know that true success, success that sustains itself for long periods of time, is never ever determined by luck.

Sure, every once in a while someone will get lucky and become sort of instantly successful. But one must realize that true success has to be proven over and over again.

An occasional rest or break here and there is healthy for life, and for the balance of positive and negative in this crazy world, but we mustn’t take too long a break and lose focus in the work that we have to put in to maintain success over long periods of time.

Time will show if a persons success is true or not. Prepare, work hard, plan, accomplish, use your accomplishments to help the world.

But when the odds turn against you, one must be able to stand on his feet and bounce back. Sugar tone needs help.

You can watch the video below

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