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Musicians who died in plane crashes

Musicians Who Died In Plane Crashes: Musicians have a lucrative profession among all careers in the world as they mostly seem to live a fancy lifestyle despite making money with their name, numbers, and let’s say their Lifestyle.

When it comes to releasing a project like an album, they often jump into airplanes for touring to promote and make money from the many performances they host at various events.

As a global artist, your fans are your priority hence musicians try their best to get in contact with them, especially in the old days where social media wasn’t part of our daily lives, the only means to interact with fans was jumping into planes here and there and that lead to some musicians losing their lives.

We’re going to look into some of the global musicians who have died in plane crashes although some didn’t die as a result of journeying for music purposes.

Musicians Who Died In Plane Crashes

  • Glenn Miller
  • Patsy Cline
  • The Blackwoods
  • Will Rogers
  • Jim Reeves

Glenn Miller

Musicians who died in plane crashes

American popular trombonist cum composer, Alton Glenn Miller was a bandleader in the swing era. He was one of the most popular bands and was also known as the forefather of musicians ‘wartime generation. Miller died after volunteering to entertain military forces during World War II.

He signed up with the U.S military then ended up with U.S Army Air Forces but on 15th December 1994 his whereabouts to a different turn as his airplane disappeared due to poor weather conditions over the English Channel while flying to Paris.

Since the aircraft vanished, it has never been found including Glenn Miller and other two occupants known as Lieutenant Colonel Norman Baessell and flights officer John Morgan. Glenn Miller was however posthumously given the Bronze Star Medal.

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Patsy Cline

Musicians who died in plane crashes

One of the most influential vocalists in the 20th century and was regarded as one of the country music genre singers to enter into the pop culture without anything pulling her back. Cline was an American singer whose recording career lasted for eight years having two songs hitting the number one the Billboard Hot country.

She had her first recording contract with a label called Four-Star label in 1954 after making an appearance on a local band in the early 1950 and has her song first song becoming a success. Her major hit ensured after performing “Walkin’ After Midnight”

As she becomes popular with some records like She’s Got You, Leavin on Your Mind, Through with You among others, she toured and has several headlined shows but in March 1963, Patsy Cline came through at a benefit show in Kansas City, and when returning home she boards a plane with some country musicians, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Cowboy Copas, and manager Randy Hughes. Their plane crashed near Camden, Tennessee after hitting a bad weather condition which led to the death of those on board.

The Blackwoods

Musicians who died in plane crashes

They were a four-part vocal harmony group living in the south of the USA but the group was formed in 1934 and had won 8 Grammy Award.

The Blackwoods were pioneers in the Christian music fraternity and as they became successful, they hired their plane and started jetting around for talent scouting opportunities but on 30th June 1954 their private plane crashed in Clanton, Alabama leading to the death of R.W. Blackwood and Bill Lyles

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Will Rogers

Musicians who died in plane crashes

He was an entertainer and humourist known in real life as William Penn Adair Rogers with numerous career and it includes Newspaper columnist, social analyst vaudeville performs from Oklahoma and was mostly known as ‘Oklahoma’s favorite son’.

He became widely famous in the mid-1930s in the United States of America due to his leading political banter. He was also one of the highest Hollywood paid actors in but in 1935 he had a plane crash in northern Alaska hence passing on to eternity

Jim Reeves

Musicians who died in plane crashes

Known in real life as James Travis Reeves knew was a professional of the Nashville sound, an American country music singer. Jim was also referred to as ‘Gentleman Jim’ whose song lasted on the charts for years after his passage.

The musician and his manager Dean Manuel were going to Nashville from Batesville, Arkansas with a single-engine aircraft and Jim Reeves was at the controls and they encountered a violent thunderstorm hence flew through Brentwood, Tennessee. The single-engine caught in a windstorm which led to his passage, he is said to have suffered from spatial disorientation after authorities launched Investigation into it.


The world has lost global icons to plan crashes and more often this happens a result of bad weather or an aircraft flying to meet an ’emergency’ bad weather hence we should be cautious and know the period that we fly by air

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