Authorities said a student at Egypt’s Mansoura University, Naira Ashraf Abdel Qader, was savagely stabbed to death in front of her university by a classmate who had been tormenting her on Facebook.

According to VICE, the murder took place in front of a crowd with security present, and Qader was fatally stabbed in the neck and torso. According to the Egyptian news site Najum Masria, the victim’s father claims the suspect had tormented her on several occasions since she refused to marry him.

The suspect has been identified as “Mohammed A,” according to Al-Falah Al-Youm, and he informed a prosecutor that Qader had blocked him on social media multiple times.

The murder was caught on camera and has gone viral throughout the world, with many people claiming that Egyptian government officials or others on the street should have protected her.

Naira Ashraf Abdel death video

Below is Naira Ashraf death video.

Naira Ashraf video Twitter

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