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Names That mean Dream: Sleep related Names (2021)

looking for names that is related to sleep, dream or night-time, we are glad to let you know we ave accumilated the best of the best!

Need names for your bby, cosplay, or your book? then check our amazing list below!

List of Names that translate to Sleep: Boys and Girls

Girls Names that Mean Dream

Names That mean Dream: Sleep related Names (2021)
  • Aisling – This beautiful and unique feminine name means dream or vision in Gaelic. Aisling is actually pronounced Ashling, meaning you could use the nickname Ash!
  • Alora – Alora means my dream in the Bantu language spoken in Botswana in Africa. I t could also be spelled Elora (like the character from the movie Wiilow),Ellora, or Elnora.
  • Esperanza – The Spanish name Esperanza means to hope. A girl with this name likely has big hopes and dreams!
  • Fantasia – Fantasia means fantasy in Italian. This gorgeous name is also shared with the American Idol winner Fantasia Burino. While it might be unusual as a girl’s first name, consider using it as a middle name!
  • Goda – Goda is a female Lithuanian name that means thought or dream
  • Hayal – The elegant girls name Hayal means dream, fantasy, imagination in Turkish.
  • Kalpana – Kalpana means imagining or fantasy in Sanskrit. Bangladeshi human rights activist Kalpana Chakma, film director Kalpana Lajmi, and entrepreneur Kalpana Saraj have made this name more famous!
  • Kanasu – In Hindi, the girl’s name Kanasu means dream.
  • Mamu – Mamu may have been an ancient Babylonian god or goddess of sleep and dreaming.
  • Maya – Maya means illusion in Sanskrit, good mother in Greek, and water in Hebrew! So many different cultures use this name, it is widely known! In the US, Maya hit peak popularity on the early 2000s, but it continues to be in the top 200 girls names each year.
  • Niorun – Little is known about the Norse goddess Niorun (spelled Njorun in Norse), but she may have been the goddess of dreams.
  • Nisa – Nisa is a short but easy to pronounce Thai name for girls. It means night, dreams.
  • Nyx – In Greek, Nyx means night. And in Greek mythology,
  • Oniria – The Spanish name Oniria probably comes from the word oneiric, meaning dreamlike.  Cuban revolutionary Oniria Gutierrez was a famous bearer of this name.
  • Pasithea – According to Greek legend, Pasithea was the goddess of meditation, rest and relaxation, and was the wife of Hypnos, the god of sleep.
  • Reverie – Reverie is the French word for daydream. It’s given to a handful of baby girls every year in the US.
  • Roya – In Persian, Roya means dream, or vision.
  • Sanja – The gorgeous Serbian and Croatian name Sanja means dream.
  • Sovanna – Sovanna means golden, dream in Khmer. It reminds me of Savannah!
  • Yume – Yume is another Japanese name that means dream! I love this short and simple girl’s name.

Boys name that mean Dream

Names That mean Dream: Sleep related Names (2021)
  • Alweo – This is a name of Latin origin meaning ‘a dreamer at heart’.
  • Almos – Of Hungarian origin and means ‘sleepy’ or ‘dream’
  • Arien – Means ‘a dreamy person’ and is of Greek origin.
  • Arman – Kazakh origin and means ‘dream vision’.
  • Baduli – A name of Indian origin meaning ‘dreamer’.
  • Bruadair – This is a name of Gaelic origin meaning ‘dream’.
  • Bruadar – Of Gaelic origin and means ‘dream vision’.
  • Bruatar – Means ‘dream’ and is of Gaelic origin.
  • Ceeven – Hindu origin and means ‘dream’.
  • Chavez – A name of Spanish origin meaning ‘dream maker’.
  • Cimon – This is a name of Latin origin meaning ‘sleepy’.
  • Eidniuet – Of Ancient Welsh origin and means ‘day dreamer’.
  • Gabriel – Is associated with angels in the Bible and is of Arabic origin.
  • Gramercy – French origin and means ‘dream’.
  • Hulum – A name of Gaelic origin and means ‘dream’.
  • Ialu – This is a name of Egyptian origin meaning ‘field of dreams’.
  • Israel – Of Biblical origin and is known for ‘dreams’ in the Bible.
  • Jacob – One of the characters associated with dreams in the Bible and si of Biblical origin.
  • Joldewin – Old English origin and means ‘dreamers’.
  • Jones – A name of Old English origin meaning ‘fulfilled dream’.
  • Jonn – This is a name of Old English origin meaning ‘dream big’.
  • Joseph – Of Jewish origin and was the name of one of the characters in the Bible who could interpret dreams.
  • Khamari – Means ‘dreamer’ and is of African origin.
  • Kimon – Latin origin and means ‘sleepy’.
  • Lorien – A name of literary origin meaning ‘a God of dreams’.
  • Morpheus – This is a name of Greek origin meaning ‘God of dreams’.
  • Narciso – Of Spanish and Portuguese origin and means ‘sleep’ or ‘numbness’.
  • Narcissus – Means ‘numbness’ and is of Latin origin.
  • Narkissos – Greek origin and means ‘sleep’.
  • Narcyz – A name of Polish origin meaning ‘sleep’.
  • Ramiel – This is a name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘vision’.
  • Rasui – Of Egyptian origin and means ‘dream’.
  • Remiel – Means ‘Mercy of God’ and is of Hebrew origin.
  • Remiel is responsible for giving people divine visions in the Book of Enoch.
  • Reve – French origin and means ‘dream’.
  • Swapnili – This is a name of Hindu origin meaning ‘dreamlike’.
  • Gender Neutral Names That Mean Dream
  • Alyan – Of Arabi8c origin and means ‘the one accomplishing impossible dreams’.
  • Ametes – This is a name of Basque origin meaning ‘dream’.
  • Ash – A name of English origin meaning ‘dream’.
  • Ayumu – Means ‘dream’ and is of Gaelic origin.
  • Guifil – Chamoru origin and means ‘dream’.
  • Joydever – Of Gaelic origin and means ‘dream big’.
  • Menaali – This is a name of Gaelic origin meaning ‘dreamland’.
  • Reverie – A name of French origin and means ‘daydreams’.
  • Roya – Means ‘premonition’ or ‘dream’ and is of Persian origin.
  • Ruyaaa – Gaelic origin and means ‘dreamy’.

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