Nasty C better than Kanye West, NAS and J Cole?

South African rapper has been trending for weeks after sluggishly insinuating that he is better than most American rappers especially ‘rap god’ Eminem, and that he’s going to spank him hard when arranged for a lyrical rap battle.

He made this assertions when he went on a live Instagram chat with his followers.

While some of the fans went in bed with the hard core rapper, others had issues with his ‘spanking’ statement.

“Nasty & Eminem is not a bad match, both are good in there own way of rap, but come to think of it, Eminem wasn’t as dope as Nasty at his younger age & Nasty can’t last in the game as Eminem, being relevant for yrs ain’t shit bro, but nasty still has something to prove” a fan commented.

This is not the first time the South African rapper has compared himself to any American rapper.

It can be re called that in 2018, the rapper also stated that his then album was better than Kanye West,  NAS and J Cole’s album. He believed that his album of 2018 was as good as Drake’s Scorpion album.

He tweeted: “Only Scorpion competes. I’m a fan of Em, Cole and Nas but their albums aren’t better than mine. Put status aside,”

A fan replied: “Whu big boy talk! Own it king.” 

Another one too said: “Action speaks louder than words. In as much as you feel better than others, you need to sit up and do your homework in other to continue to stay relevant.”

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