Nella Rose Biography, Age, Family, and Net worth

Nella Rose biography and everything you don’t know about the popular YouTube vlogger.

Who is Nella Rose ?

Nella Rose is popular UK YouTube vlogger who has accumulated more than 600,000 subscribers on her self-titled channel. She is known for creating challenges, stories, lookbooks, and various vlogs. 

Aside creating YouTube videos Nella also works as a host on BBC 1Xtra .

Nella Rose is one of the biggest names in the British-Black Influencer industry with arguably one of the biggest personalities too.

Known for her curve friendly hauls and hilarious vlogs, Nella has built a large and loyal following across all her socials.

When she’s not showing her following how to embrace their bodies, she’s having fun interviewing some of the biggest names in entertainment – Michael B Jordan and Jada Pinkett-Smith.


Nella Rose’s real age is not known however, she is believed to be in her early 30s.

Family Life

Nella was born and raised in Belgium. She is of Congolese descent. Her mother passed away in August of 2016. She has one older brother. 


Before the fame, Nella Rose was studying at the University of Leicester when she began vlogging on her YouTube channel. She originally began her channel with several beauty videos. 


Nella is currently not in a relationship.

Nella Rose Instagram

Nella is on Instagram as @NellaRosee. She is currently having 450k plus followers.

YouTube Videos

Below are some of Nella Rose YouTube videos.

Nella Rose Photos

See some super hot photos of Nella .

Nella Rose Biography, Age, Family, and Net worth
Nella Rose Biography, Age, Family, and Net worth

Net worth

Nella’s Net worth is not yet estimated.


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