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Discover the extensive life of the one and only Bryan Talbot, the creator and illustrator of some of the most celebrated comics in British and American history.

The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, the first British graphic novel, to his work at DC on Batman and The Sandman, 2000 AD on Judge Dredd and Nemesis the Warlock, and his creator-owned comics like The Tale of One Bad Rat, Alice in Sunderland, Grandville, and the legendary The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, you’ll learn never-before-seen details about his life and work in this lovely new hardcover designed by Alan Fisher with a unique cover illustration by Bryan This gorgeous and richly illustrated book, which took two years to painstakingly prepare, is a must-have not just for fans of Talbot’s iconic body of work but also for anybody interested in the background of comics and the art form that goes into making them.

There are very few cartoonists in the history of the form who are as committed, adaptable, and experimental as Bryan Talbot, in my opinion. Author of Criminal, Fatale, Reckless, The Winter Soldier, and other works, Ed Brubaker

“This book describes in dramatic detail how Bryan advanced Nemesis and reactivated the ABC Warriors. Both were enormous accomplishments, especially the ABC Warriors because they were previously destined for obscurity. – Marshal Law, Nemesis the Warlock, Slaine, Pat Mills, and others

“Bryan Talbot is a writer and artist who is incredibly original. His prolific imagination has given us works like The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, The Tale of One Bad Rat, and together with his partner Mary M. Talbot, Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes. He rarely, if ever, repeats himself.

We may examine his growth and the settings, works of art, movies, and comic books that sparked this ground-breaking career thanks to this thorough volume! – Jeff Smith, cartoonist and author of the graphic novels BONE and TUKI

The David Bowie of comics is Bryan Talbot. – Dez Skinn, Editor, Warrior, Marvel UK, Comics International

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