Newly Constructed Pokuase Interchange Walk Path being used as Fufu Pounding yard few weeks after it was commissioned

Barely a month ago after Pokuase interchange in Accra was opened to traffic, a disgraceful conduct by some Ghanaians have already taken over the multi million dollar project.

Aside people already converting the footpath into mini market, some are doing things that will deface their project and even shorten its lifespan.

A video of people pounding fufu on the footpath of the newly constructed interchange has gone viral.

It have been generated a lot of backlash with people on social media asking what’s the sense in asking leaders to develop the country when citizens can’t value what they have.

The Accra regional minister have in the last few weeks been embarking on a ruthless clampdown of indiscipline in the Capital as such many are calling on him to step in to stop those already destroying the project by pushing fufu on it.


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