Normalise giving ladies transport monies when you want her to visit you – Media personality blasts stingy guys

Relationships these days involves money and some ladies have capitalized on this to demand transport money from guys before they visit them.

This has been the current trend and with the introduction of mobile money, it has become worse as more ladies want guys to provide them with transport money.

Whiles most people in relationship subscribe to the idea of giving out money to women, others disagree with reasons that it means prostitution. They also posit that should the lady refuse to visit upon receiving the money then they lose and that is a no no.

A Nigerian media personality has shared her views on this and questioned why most guys feel it’s a cheat. Vera posits that men giving monies to women must be prioritized and normalized.

She asserted “This is for the boys, I don’t understand why you guys always complain when girls ask for transport…so I am in my house and you ask me to come see you and you expect me to use my transport to come see you? It’s not like it’s me who wants to see you, it’s you who want to see me and you expect me to use my transport?”.

“you know what, what I am trying to say is, you guys should normalise sending transport money. It is normal. I don’t know why you guys keep acting as if it’s something special”.

You can watch the video below

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