“Nowhere does the Bible say marry who You Love, it says love who you marry”- Pastor Kingsley says.

Divergent viewpoints have been expressed in response to Lagos-based preacher Kingsley Okonkwo’s comments on marriage.

According to the pastor, the bible never advises people to marry who they love. The holy text, he claims, advises individuals to “love who they marry.”

Nowhere does the Bible say Marry Who You Love, it says Love Who You Marry.’

He did not, however, elaborate on his point, leaving leeway for anyone to come up with their own interpretation. Many interpreted the clergyman’s words to suggest that people should marry anyone and then deepen their love for that person as they go through life together. Many people believed that this would be a catalyst for divorce because it would be difficult for individuals to develop feelings for someone they had never loved.

His posts generate different opinions from people.

One lady wrote; “That’s right. But does it mean we should marry someone even if we don’t love them??.
It’s true that love develop with time, but there are some people you may never have that “feelings” for no matter how hard you try. So marrying such people will make a total mess of your marriage. You must love who u marry and marry who u love”

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