NPP communicator walks out on a show after Jonnie Hughes asked him sensible questions he couldn’t answer

Politicians are weird and they will do anything to win power. Some goes as far as promising heaven on earth and are less committed to their pledges. It takes not just a bold journalist but an industrious one to ask them relevant questions.

Many have noticed on a couple of occasions when party communicators attempt to be the defense for their political parties by constantly finding explanations to questions inquired by journalists and Ghanaians.

Occasionally, they might not have clues to the questions but as quick as they are they are able to make up a good excuse to defend the circumstance.

Firstly, today on TV3’s morning programme which is dubbed New Day,two representatives appeared. Johnnie Hughes who is the host of the programme inquired of his panelists some questions as they discussed the newspapers for the morning.

Johnnie Hughes boldly inquired from the NPP government when starting on their crusade train pledged to build dams in every village in order to solve irrigation problems. He then continued to implored from the NPP communicator that how many have they built so far.

The NPP communicator also answered back that Johnnie Hughes didn’t bring him there to tell watchers the number of villages in Upper East they have built the dams. He described Johnnie as partial and stood up and left the show when they were reading the comments from the viewers on their big screen.

You can watch the video below

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