Number Of Girlfriends Sizwe Dhlomo Has Had Over The Years.

Sizwe Dhlomo is one of the greatest and renowned South African TV and radio presenter who has gained so much reputation in his career as a journalist.

What most South Africans know him for is his controversies in the media.

Despite his controversies on social media, Sizwe hard discloses out his relationship matters.

However, as the saying goes that ‘no secret last forever’, his cup is finally full as we are about to update you on his relationship affairs over the past and now.

Among The Popular Ladies Sizwe Has Dated In The Past.

The list below covers few of the ladies the TV and radio presenter Sizwe Dhlomo has dated so far.

Poppy Ntshongwana.

Poppy Ntshongwana was born on January 26th, 1984. She is a South African radio host, broadcaster and DJ.

Her relationship with Sizwe was kept privately until things turned sour between them.

They parted ways in 2016 based on the reason we are yet to find out. In an interview of Poppy, she described her ex-boyfriend as a great friend and not a boyfriend.

However, she made it looked as if she dislikes him among her ex-boyfriends.

Azania Mosaka.

Just like Sizwe, Mosaka is also a top-notch radio host, TV presenter and MC.

She began her career as a producer for ‘The Ride’ show at Metro FM.

On several occasions were Mosaka and Sizwe spotted together in a romantic moment in 2014, which was enough prove of the two being in a relationship.

However, neither Sizwe nor Mosaka disclosed out about their affairs as they kept it secret.

Rumour has it that the two ex-lovers are back together in a relationship after Sizwe was spotted with Azania in town.

• Thabile Ngwato

Thabile Ngwato is also a South African a radio presenter, producer and entrepreneur and also a co-founder of Newzroom Afrika.

She is one of the celebrities alleged to have been in a relationship with Sizwe Dhlomo.

Unlike the other two ex-girlfriends of Sizwe, we don’t know much about Ngwato and Sizwe’s affairs since both of them never opened up about their relationship.

Sizwe Dhlomo’s Current Relationship Affairs And Plans Of Having Kids.

Finally, Sizwe has admitted in an interview that he is no longer single and never scared of getting married.

As usual, he shied away from making it known to the public about his claimed new lover.

Sizwe has not bear any kid yet as at now despite his numerous girlfriends he has dated.

According to him, there is no good reason to having kids. This implies his temporal decision of not rushing to have a child at the moment.

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