Occultism at University; Students exposed performing nude rituals on school campus: worrying things

This is an African university at an induction parade for newly admitted students. The university inducted fresher’s into the university community and this actually looks scary for a writer like myself. The occultic field is gradually taking hold of our universities.

The young student of occultism, he who is just beginning to learn that there is a deeper meaning in life than he had suspected, who has but recently come into contact with explanation of the purpose of life and the method of human evolution, often has the idea that there is some particular bit of information which, if he can but secure it, will enable him to quickly develop clairvoyance and rise into the possession of great spiritual power.

He has an impression that there are certain formulas which the teachers can hand over to him, if they will, that can be used as a key to unlock the storehouse of occult knowledge.

They believe would make rapid progress in evolving, the divine powers within them in a way which can help himself and that knowledge of the path to be followed will come to him in exact proportion to the earnestness of his desire to find it.

Many People have queried Is occultism a crime in Universities? I know mission schools try to instill Christian doctrines in their students but I also know they do not entirely stop the students from practising their individual faiths.

If there is freedom of worship and religious practices for that matter in Ghana, then is it not discriminatory to allow Muslims to practise Islam in Christian schools (or vice versa) but prevent other people of different faiths like traditionalists or occults to do same?

Whether we like it or not we have Hindus, Hare Krishnas, Buddhists, occults and secret society groups in our society. I don’t think they are criminals. Or are they? Somebody believes that by reading the Bible or Qur’an they can improve spiritually and get what they want in life. Others also believe in the Vedas and occultic books.

Some people curse others with the Bible. Others do same with their objects of faith and worship. Well the above sentiments are from the advocates of occultism. I hold a different view that, too much freedom is detrimental to the students life. As many, will perish at the end of their program at the university because spirituality entails sacrifices which will destroy the students life.

Remember this practice is not just for fun but an initiation in to the satanic kingdom. Soon these young bloods will see the ramifications of their actions which will be too late abstain from it.

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