“Olympic Games” – Athlete absconds from camp, left a note saying ‘Life in Uganda is too hard’

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A Uganda weightlifter has reportedly absconded from his teams camp ahead of the olympics game in Tokyo, Japan.

Upon his arrival in Japan, Julius Ssekitoleko, a 20-year-old weightlifter, failed to qualify for the Games and was due to fly back to Uganda on July 20.

But after critically analyzing the situation in his home nation Uganda, The young man decided not to return to the African soil anytime soon and made that known in a note he left behind before disappearing.

According to a CNN report, Julius Ssekitoleko in his note told his team delegation to send his belongings back to his wife.

He was first feared missing when officials realized he has not present his Covid test sample and that was where the search began.

His last seen is said to be at a local station near his delegation’s hotel in Izumisano at 6:30 a.m. on Friday where he then purchased a Shinkansen bullet train ticket to Nagoya, about 200 kilometres away and has since note left any trace.

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