omoye Assata lynn Biography

We cannot discuss of Omoye Assata Lynn Lonnie’s biography without mentioning that Rashid Lynn (father) is a super celebrity with multiple awards to his belt.

The birth of Omoye followed the release of his Album ‘One day’. Journalist Raquel Cepeda wrote that Rashid found out he was going to become a daddy in 8 months. This left him devastated, he knew he had a decision to make and it was going to be tough.

Rashid would channel the energy to make another track for his One Day album which featured his opinions on abortion. From the track, it is obvious that Rashid had contemplated aborting the pregnancy of kim jones. 8 months later, Omoye was born in the United States of America in 1997.

Rashid did not settle down with Kim Jones the mother of Omoye. Nonetheless, he played his fatherly role in her life. Omoye is blessed to be the daughter of a well-known American rapper, writer, actor, activist, and philanthropist.

Omoye Assata Lynn’s Education?

Information regarding Omoye Assata Lynn’s education and personal life are very scarce. She is not a celebrity in the United States nor has she played any role in life that caught the attention of public eye. It is believed that Lynn obtained a Degree from Howard University in Washington, DC.

Omoye Assata Lynn’s Mother: Kim Jones

After a year of being Rashid’s girlfriend, Kim jones broke up with her baby daddy. This affected the relationship between omoye and rashid(common).

Omoye Assata Lynn Relationship with Father Rashid Lynn

Omoye, then 19, questioned Common about how much he loved about her after a late-night father-daughter talk descended into tears. “It kind of surprised me since it was the first time I’d heard it,” he explains. “I was like, ‘Wait, what do you mean?'”

When the two of them sat down together, she opened up about her early experiences of abandonment. “‘It felt like you didn’t fight for me,’ she remarked.”
That sentiment, he feels, stems in large part from the issues surrounding his divorce from her mother. “It’s the normal stuff you hear about when two parents divorce, especially when they’re young,” he says. “That love is certainly there” with Omoye.

The rapper named his daughter Assata Shakur in honor of the African-American activist who played a pivotal role in Black Liberation in America.
Omoye, now that she is an adult, has been her father’s constant date to award shows and events, giving her the opportunity to meet some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Omoye Assata Lynn Net Worth

There is no detail on Omoye Assata lynn’s net worth, whether she is employed or runs a business is still not known. her father and new found friend may be taking care of her financial needs.

Omoye Assata Lynn: Instagram

Omoye lynn operates an instagram account where she posts beautiful pictures of herself and family. you can find her handle on the platform @omoyelynn.

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