An unfortunate man is attacked by an angry orangutan at a zoo, according to a viral video circulating on social media. It’s unknown whether he was hurt or not.

Orangutan attacks man zoo

The orangutan grabs the man by his T-shirt and pulls him closer to the enclosure in the 30-second film.

Following that, the man and his partner engage in a tug-of-war to release him from the orangutan’s grasp. The video concludes with the ape grabbing the man’s leg as he tries to free himself from the animal’s powerful grip.

Several Twitter users have weighed in on the video, with some mocking the man’s helplessness and others pointing out that orangutans aren’t known to harm humans.

“All things considered,” one individual observed, “he would have probably been okay.” “Orangutans are among the most peaceful apes on the planet. There has never been a human death caused by an orangutan. This orangutan was clearly irritated, but from what I could see, he didn’t appear to be planning any significant harm, but then again, I’m no expert.”

Another person questioned why the man did not remove his shirt at the start of the video, which would have stopped the ape from grabbing his arms and legs. One individual joked, “He certainly loves his shirt more than his life.”

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