Oscar Piastri transfers from Alpine F1 to Peacocks: What is his current online price?

Oscar Piastri, an Australian racing driver, is currently Alpine F1 Crew’s back-up driver.

In January 2020, Piastri began attending the Renault Recreation Academy.

Following his victory in the FIA Formula 3 Championship in 2020, Piastri was honored by the Renault F1 Crew Alpine with a young drivers test in Bahrain on October 31, 2020, alongside teammates from the Renault Recreation Academy, Christian Lundgaard and Guanyu Zhou.

In 2021, Piastri would enroll Zhou, Lundgaard, Caio Collet, and Victor Martins as members of the reformed Alpine Academy. For the 2022 Formula One season, Piastri will serve as the backup for the Alpine F1 Crew.

He inspected Formula One vehicles throughout the season at various tracks all over the world.

How Much Does Oscar Piastri’s Racing Career Cost?

Oscar Piastri, one of the potential F1 drivers, is rumored to have an online price of between $10 and $15 million. Oscar’s estimated yearly salary as a race car driver is $43,000.

His pay only accounts for a small portion of his income. In addition, he receives a considerable income from bonuses, logo promotion, sponsorships, and marketing.

With Prema Racing, he won the 2019 Formula Renault Eurocup, the 2020 FIA Formula 3 Championship, and the 2021 Formula 2 Championship.

He is only the sixth driver to capture the GP2/Formula 2 Championship in the inaugural campaign. He is the fifth driver to simultaneously capture the GP3/Formulation Three Championship and the GP2/Formulation Two Championship.

A Wage And Occupation Income Joins Peacocks, Oscar Plastri

The F1 driver shocked the racing community by tweeting about his intention to leave Alpine.

An F2 driver can expect to earn between $80,000 and $200,000 per year, according to Gokart36.They will have to pay between $1.5 million and $2 million to participate in F2.

Piastri, a student at Alpine Motive Force Academy since 2020, might be exceptionally talented. In 2020 and 2021, he won the F3 and F2 titles, respectively. This season, he has served as both Alpine and McLaren’s reserve driver.

The Australian has undoubtedly earned between $1 and $1.5 million since joining the Peacocks the following season.

Due to contractual issues, Oscar Piastri, a young Australian driver who had been included in the team’s Formula One driver lineup for 2023, decided on Tuesday to team up with the Renault-owned Alpine team.

The 21-year-old Formula Two champion from the previous season and reserve driver for Alpine, was intended to fill the vacuum when Fernando Alonso signed a multi-year contract to join Aston Martin at the end of the season.

Alonso’s unexpected admission was overshadowed on Monday, the first day of the August sports week, by the suspense and controversy.

Piastri was perplexed by Alpine’s remark until quickly breaking his silence on social media by saying he had backup plans.

Oscar Plastri’s Emblem Endorsements And Bio

Oscar Plastri has used his fame to help businesses; as of now, he has successfully marketed 4 products.

Oscar Piastri, who was chosen as the backup driver for the Alpine F1 team in 2022, has been associated with HP Tuners since he began his Formulation Racing career in 2016, according to the company’s official website.

Piastri, who is originally from Australia, started off by racing RC cars with his father, Chris, before moving on to go-karts. He was also a co-owner of the company at the time, HP Tuners, first noticed his potential behind the wheel. This cover, which matches everyone, aids in his pursuit of his F1 targets.

Additionally, he has lauded Flash Diesel, the leading diesel firm in Australia that offers excellent ECU remapping, intercooler upgrades, and other products and services to increase the performance of automobiles.

Additionally, it has more than 15 years of experience in providing top-notch diesel engine products and services throughout Australia and New Zealand, making it Australia’s leading custom diesel tuning industry.

The third company that Oscar supports is VCM Efficiency, a wholly Australian-owned business that specializes in late-model Commodores. All of our components are checked internally, on our cars, and on our own motorsports events.

Following the second round of qualifying for the @RenaultSpSeries, Oscar will start this afternoon’s race from position 4.

The ultimate product that the racer endorses is Melbourne Maliba, an Australian boat manufacturing and customisation company.

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