Ozark was a charming program about a husband and wife who had to launder cartel money to save their lives once upon a time, back in 2017. That’s all changed now, thanks to a slew of deaths, betrayals, and inventive swear words. Ozark has grown into one of the most frightening and addictive crime dramas on television over the course of four seasons.

We could spend an eternity watching Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, and Julia Garner debate and plan. But Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams, the show’s creators, had something else in mind for us. Do you want to know how the Byrde family and their numerous foes wound up in Ozark? We’ve got you covered.

Ozark season 4 ending explained reddit
Ozark season 4 ending explained reddit

Do Marty and Wendy Get Their Children Back?

Because things are about to go dark, why not start off on a positive note? Wendy’s (Laura Linney) estranged and abusive father, Nathan (Richard Thomas), arrived in Part 2. Nathan stated he was in town to find out what had happened to his son, Ben, who had gone missing (Tom Pelphrey).

He came to town, in reality, to gain sympathy points from his church. When the reality about Ben became known, that goal shifted.
Nathan offered to accompany Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) and Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) to North Carolina after learning about Wendy and Marty’s (Jason Bateman) connection with the cartel.

Knowing they were in danger and fearing that refusing would jeopardize their parents’ chances of escaping, Charlotte and Jonah consented to accompany him. Nothing Marty or Wendy did could convince their children to return. That’s why Marty enlisted Ruth Langmore’s assistance (Julia Garner).

Ruth began by praising Nathan on his deception of Wendy. Then she managed to persuade him to admit the truth. Nathan revealed that he simply wanted Charlotte and Jonah to get even with the daughter he despises while holding a gun to his head.

The Byrde children abandoned their grandfather and went to see Wendy in the mental institution, eventually agreeing to return to their parents. Just keep in mind that, above everything else, Marty and Wendy owe Ruth their children.

Who’s in Charge of the Navarro Cartel?

Let’s talk politics now that the happy reunion is out of the way. Wendy and Marty make yet another cartel alliance adjustment at the end of Part 2. Goodbye, Omar, and welcome, Camila.

Siding with Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) would have necessitated Marty and Wendy obtaining Omar’s removal from the Specially Designated Nationals list, a registry that pays special attention to individuals or groups that may constitute a threat to US national security or economic policy.

That was a significant stumbling block. Randall Schafer was another (Bruce Davison). Marty and Wendy’s only hope of getting Omar off the SDN list was to contact the retired Republican Senator. He agreed to take Omar off the list only if the Byrdes assisted him in committing massive fraud using his grandson’s vote-suppressing voting equipment.

Essentially, assisting Omar entailed breaking him out of jail, removing him from a federal list he deserved to be on, committing voter fraud in the United States, and associating with an unpredictable man who actively despised them.

Camila (Veronica Falcón), Omar’s sister, came with a lot less baggage. She wasn’t even locked up. You’re probably familiar with Marty and Wendy’s approach: they’ll go with the most sensible option. Camila became the new boss of the Navarro cartel after the Byrdes aligned themselves with her instead of Omar.

What Happens to Omar Navarro?

There can’t be two cartel bosses in town at the same time. Marty, Wendy, and Camila worked with the FBI to arrange for Omar’s transfer to a different prison. But, in the middle of the transfer, one of the guards shot and killed a comrade, then released Omar with a revolver loaded with blanks. To the untrained view, Omar Navarro appeared to have murdered one of his escorts before being shot in the middle of his escape. In Ozark’s conclusion, Omar Navarro is the first major character to die.

How Does Ozark End for Ruth?

We should have guessed Ruth’s fate the moment she began planning her new home. To avenge Wyatt’s (Charlie Tahan) death, Ruth began Part 2 by murdering Javi (Alfonso Herrera). Marty and Wendy warned Ruth that this was a death sentence long before she even drew the tigger, and they were right.

Camila has always thought there was more to her son’s dying narrative. She discovered the whole truth during the Missouri Belle’s fundraising event. Ruth was the one who murdered Javi, according to pharmaceutical CEO Clare Shaw (Katrina Lenk). That’s when the show’s true treachery began to surface.

Camila, learning Marty and Wendy were close to Ruth, threatened to kill their entire family if they notified Ruth. Wendy, to her credit, tried to think of a method to save Ruth, even recommending that Omar be reinstated as cartel leader. Marty, on the other hand, was the one who made the call. Marty let Ruth die after teaching her everything she knows and treating her with more respect than he’s ever shown his own daughter.

Ruth knew her time was over the moment she spotted Camila. Ruth, on the other hand, would not be Ruth if she didn’t curse. Ruth shrieked her dying words with a gun aimed at her: “Well?” “Are you f*cking going to do this nonsense or what?”

Ruth was more loyal to Marty and Wendy than they were to her, even though she might have thrown them under the bus to extend her life. Way to go, staying a legend all the way to the end.

How Does Ozark End for Marty and Wendy?

The Byrdes’ survival was the focus of Ozark’s last episode. They made it through a vehicle accident, Camila’s investigation into her son’s death, and working for a cartel.

But, in the show’s concluding minutes, this family is confronted with one more threat: Mel (Adam Rothenberg), a private investigator.

Marty and Wendy plotted to obtain Mel’s job back on the Chicago police department earlier this season.

Naturally, they did not make this decision out of the goodness of their hearts. Mel’s reinstatement meant that he would be unable to testify against Marty and Wendy in Nathan’s custody fight.

Mel wasn’t able to leave the Byrde family alone, even though he obtained the job he’d always wanted.

Mel showed up at the lake house with Ben’s goat biscuit jar. Mel informed Marty and Wendy that he planned to utilize the ashes to establish their guilt after correctly assuming the jar contained the late Ben’s ashes.

They attempted to bribe him, but it was futile. Mel would not budge. That’s when Jonah came to the rescue.

The youngest member of the Byrde family pointed a shotgun at Mel, a throwback to Jonah’s preoccupation with guns in Season 1. Ozark comes to an end when the screen goes black and a gunshot is heard.

Who Dies in Ozark’s Finale?

Omar Navarro, Ruth Langmore, and Mel Sattem were the three primary casualties in the end. Despite the slaughter, every member of the Byrde family lived to tell the tale. Wendy’s dream appears to be on the verge of becoming a reality. This money laundering family may be able to live a clean, politically connected life in Chicago if they can cover up Mel’s death. Let’s hope for a spinoff to find out what happens next.

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