ARY News reported on Monday that the parents of missing Dua Zehra refuted police claims of tracing their daughter in Lahore, as well as information of her nikahnama, and called rumors of her recovery “false.”

Dua Zehra’s father claimed in a press conference that they learned about her nikahnama and her daughter’s photo through the media, but he has yet to receive a copy of the marriage certificate.

He further disputed media allegations that Zehra was of marriageable age. He went on to say that her daughter will turn 14 in four months, despite the fact that her age was listed as 18 on her alleged marriage paper (nikahnama).

A journalist asked the father if he had any doubts about the police’s methods in delaying the case’s resolution owing to a disagreement over the legal age of marriage in Sindh and Punjab provinces. To this, he said that he couldn’t blame anyone but that her daughter had yet to be found.

According to him, the police departments of both the provincial capitals, Karachi and Lahore, are working together to find and recover her daughter.

The missing girl had been “traced” earlier in the day, according to Alfalah police, and is currently in the Punjab city of Lahore.

The girl has married a man named Zaheer Ahmed in Punjab’s capital, police said, adding that the girl will be recovered and moved to Karachi soon. In Zehra’s claimed nikahnama, Asghar Ali and Shabbir Ahmed are cited as witnesses.

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