Pastor impregnates 20 of his church members, claims to be instructed by the holy spirit

Many believers are of the view that Christian religious institutions should begin to implement quick intervention and measures to curtail the fraudulent acts of some false prophets and teachers, disguising themselves as angels of light to perpetrate loads of absurdity and irritants activities.

The bible forewarns that “in the last days, perilous times will come, and many will turn from the path of righteousness. There will be sheep in wolf clothing to deceive people, hence we must be on the look out.”

This preacher man who is 53 years old and deserves to know the better did the unthinkable by impregnating about 20 of his church members and he surprisingly, had the temerity to lay the blame on the holy spirit. As it occurred, the General Overseer of Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity in Enugu, Timothy Ngwu admitted to committing the offense.

Police PRO commenting on the issue explained that the avowed pastor who who professed Christianity claimed he was acting on God’s instructions. The pastor asserts that the holy book says “be fruitful and multiply” hence he obeyed the will of God which is to impregnate any one chosen and irrespective of the lady’s marital status of whether the woman is engaged or not.

Subsequent investigations also revealed that the wife of the pastor wasn’t so happy about his misconduct, and handed him to law enforcement officers to deal with him.


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