Pastor renovates 60-yr-old mosque, installs new facilities for Muslims

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Nigerian is one of the countries in the world with frequent clashes between Christians and Muslims but a Nigerian Pastor has proven religion should not separate mankind by doing something remarkable.

The Pastor known as Oluwaseun Alabi, has shown great love as he spent his resource renovating a 60-year-old mosque in Ikire, Osun state.

Sharing the story on Facebook, Bakara Adegboyegba, said that Oluwaseun’s act made many Muslims in the community rejoice.

The chief Imam of Ikire, Yunus Raaji Ajibade Olounose, and other clerics prayed for the kind pastor. The Imam commended the man for what he did even though he is a Christian.

In his statement, the pastor said that he feels fulfilled that he was able to renovate the mosque that marked his childhood. He said he used to play with his Muslim friends in the mosque.

For years, Muslims and Christians have had issues in Nigeria.

Some have even linked issues of Terrorism and Banditry in the country to have religious undertone but this incredible gesture would go a long way to preach about tolerance and living in harmony aside religious differences.

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