Pat Robertson ; Biography, Politics and all facts about Former Republican Presidential candidate.

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Not so often do we see people with many career professions but Pat Roberson, Born on March 22, 1930 grew up to establish himself in the American media as a media Personality, Political Commentator, and a TV Envangelist.

He was born in Lexington, Virginia of the United States of America to Gladys Churchill (Mother) and Absalom Willies Robertson (Father) who happens to be a former ConservativeDemocrat Senator.

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Political Career

He followed his father’s footsteps in Politics and went on to become a former Republican presidential Candidate.

Robertson advocates a conservative Christian ideology and is known widely for his past activities in Republican Party politics.


He successfully completed the Washington and Lee University, then almost coming off the top of his class at Yale Law School in 1955 only to fail his New York bar exam.

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After failed Bar exams it really affected Robertson and cost him opportunities at post-graduate employment, and in the ensuing months of disappointment, embarrassment, and unemployment, he became a born-again Christian and began a career as a minister.

Marriage and Family

Robertson is a loyal man and he has proven that with his marriage to wife and the mother of his children, Dede Elmer whom she married since 1954.

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He has four children in all. Highly recognized among them is his son, Gordon Perry Robertson who is the CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Net worth

Being a politician and a businessman of a high order, Robertson has some good wealth for his family. He has an estimated net worth of $100 million

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