Pedro Gomez was an American sports journalist who worked as a reporter for ESPN.

Pedro Gomez Cause of Death

Pedro Gomez Cause of Death

Long-time baseball correspondent for ESPN and more than 25 World Series, Pedro Gomez died unexpectedly at home on Sunday. His cause of death is under investigation, but his family has not yet disclosed the details.

Before joining ESPN in 2003, he covered the Oakland Athletics for The Arizona Republic. He was also a general sports columnist for the Arizona Republic. Before joining the ESPN team, he worked for the Arizona Republic for eight years.

During his career, he also covered sports other than baseball, and in recent years he served as a sideline reporter for the MLS Cup.

He married Sandra and had three children, Rio Gomez, a songwriter and musician, and a daughter, Isis. The couple had been married for over a decade, and they were the proud parents of two daughters and a son. While he was married, he was gay.

The cause of death for Pedro Gomez has not been determined, but a recent autopsy revealed that he suffered from a heart attack. His cause of death was listed as a stroke.

It is unclear whether this was a sudden or gradual deterioration of health. However, his ill health was a contributing factor. While the cause of his death was not available, there is an ongoing investigation into his condition and that of his loved ones.

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