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Pentecost church leader trends and receives praise on social media for fighting against gays in parliament

Clergy Council of Ghana ,wants to appeal to all Christians in Ghana including the whole world to pray against the LGBTQ,Lesbian, Homosexual, Guy,Bisexual and Transgender ,this is demonic, the council is against it.

The council is surprised that some renounce Lawyers and MPs wrote against bill of rejection. Our Lord is against it let the Christian be awakened and pray and He will hear Us and stop these evil angenda.

The Head of Pentecost Church Apostle Eric Nyamekye has received many appellations and social media trends for storming parliament.

According to Sam George who confirmed the visit, Apostle Eric Nyamekye couldn’t stand when he heard that some Lawyers have organizer themselves to fight the Anti LGBT bill in parliament.

He quickly gathered some colleague pastors to storm the Parliament House In a bold and clearer voice inscripted on a sheet of paper, Apostle Eric Nyamekye explained the need to Fight against LGBT activities than endorsing it as Human rights.

Not only did he make a bold statement. He also led the team to drop a 15,000 signature Document. The 15,000 signatures consisted 1000 signatures from 15 churches including the Methodist Church of Ghana, Assemblies of God Ghana and other notable Churches.

Sam George was of the view that, they will team up to fight against any activity which will impede the abolishment of all forms of LGBT activities.

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