Rep. Peter Meijer of Michigan voted in favor of impeaching President Trump.

Few elected officials get the opportunity to vote to impeach a president within their first week in office.

One of them was Peter Meijer, a young Republican lawmaker from Michigan who is also descended from a massive Midwest grocery network worth billions of dollars.

Peter James Meijer is a well-known business expert and politician who represents Michigan’s third congressional district and has served in Congress since 2021.

Grand Rapids, the administrative hub of the district, originally had Gerald Ford as its representative. He backs the Republican Party.

Meijer is owned by the Meijer family, who founded and operated the Meijer grocery chain.

US Representative Peter Meijer’s wife, Gabriella Zacarias, is younger than he is.

Gabriella Zacarias is not well known in the media, in contrast to her husband, Peter Meijer, who frequently makes the news due to his political involvement.

Despite avoiding politics, Gabriella is a smart woman with degrees in neuroscience and economics from prestigious universities. Let’s get into more detail regarding Meijer’s wife.

Zacarias has not given her an age or a date of birth, but she appears to be in her early thirties. Between 2010 and 2011, her 34-year-old spouse, a member of the US Army Reserve, was stationed in Iraq.

They were dating for more than three years before getting married in Rio de Janeiro in 2017. The couple want to have a child in the future, even though they aren’t parents yet.

How Much Do Peter Meijer and His Wife, Gabriella Zacarias, Make? A Comparison of Their Net Worths

Peter James Meijer is a politician and management consultant. He served as the 3rd congressional district of Michigan’s representative for

Peter’s estimated net worth as of August 2022 is 21.3 million USD. Peter Meijer is a wealthy individual without a doubt.

Because of how well and how much money his businesses and profession are doing for him, Peter is a wealthy guy.

In contrast, Gabriella has kept her finances and other private information secret. Her husband is a member of the Meijer Inc. supermarket chain-owning, affluent family from Michigan.

According to Forbes, the family of Meijer is worth more than $6 billion. There are rumors that his family owns a trust worth around $50 million.

Does Peter Meijer Have Any Children? Information relating to his family

Peter Meijer’s beloved wife, Gabriella Zacarias, is completely committed to him. They first met at Columbia University and had been dating for some time.

Gabriella and Peter later exchanged vows in Rio de Janeiro in September 2017, and they have been happily married ever since.

The couple’s fame has increased, and they have made numerous concurrent public appearances since then.

The couple has not yet given birth to children, and there has been no indication of any formal adoptions by them.

In August 2020, Peter is seen for the first time in the series thanking Gabriella for helping him win because she is a devoted wife.

Peter also enjoys the wonderful fortune of being the child of co-founders and affluent American industrialists, Deborah and Hendrik Meijer.

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