The family of Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond has recently suffered the loss of one of their sons, Michael Smith.

Pioneer Woman Nephew cause of death

Full NamePioneer Woman Nephew
Cause Of DeathUnknown
Pioneer Woman Nephew cause of death

The 44-year-old died on Oct. 30 of an apparent overdose.

Ladd Drummond was driving a Himmat Fire Truck when he and his nephew, Caleb, collided head-on.

Visibility was impaired, and the truck crashed head-on, sending his uncle flying 70 feet.

It’s unclear how the accident happened, but the two children of the popular cook were together when the crash occurred, and Ree’s daughter Paige has shared pictures of her brother’s growing up.

Despite the tragic incident, the Pioneer Woman maintains a close relationship with her family and the two children who graduated from college.

The crash is believed to have been caused by speed due to road conditions. Because the gravel road was covered with ice and slush, drivers had limited visibility.

The impact threw Caleb Drummond about 70 feet from his point of rest, and he died from his injuries.

In the aftermath of the accident, the family expressed grief and hoped that Michael would make a full recovery.

Ree Drummond posted an update on her Facebook page after her nephew and husband were injured in a crash.

He died of his injuries as a result of the crash. Ree shared childhood photos of the brothers and later a photo with his wife, Betsey Smith.

The two siblings’ families have also paid tribute to Michael’s memory. Ree’s Facebook page also has a memorial page for Michael.

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